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My d16z6 NA build

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My d16z6 NA build *Pictures*

So I drive a 91 std civic hatch std I got me a d16z6 to put in it. I have a list of stuff that I have and that I will be buying in the near future.

P29 pistons 40 over
New rod and main berings(already have)
ARP rod bolts(already have)
ARP head studs
Kaiten karui flywheel 9.68 pounds
crank, pistons, rods, flywheel balancing
skunk2 intake manifold
rev ss valves(already have)
crower springs and retainers(already have)
crower stage 2 cam
skunk2 adjustable cam gear(already have)
cleaned and balanced stock injectors
B&M fpr(already have)
Megan racing header(already have)
thermal r&d catback(already have)
obx high flow cat(really a straight pipe already have)
obd0 to obd1 harness for dpfi car(already have)
190lp fuel pump
p28 with hondata s100(already have)

What do you guys think? should I get the head milled? anything else you guys would recommend?
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just got pulled over for my exhaust:( what do guys think about the hks sport for my allmotor setup I also called a couple shops today for my headwork one said they would charge me $500 just for cleaning the head, valve job, and assembly. The other place told me they would do a basic port and polish, valve job, new valve stem seals, and that they could port match the openings on the runners to my skunk 2 im and whatever header I bring them for $600.

$595 for the basic D-series head package. Lot of value in that package.
It says that they will only port match?
Also states he will rework port bowls and blend into the valve seats and will blend and smooth the combustion chambers. Most of the gains in flow in a port job come from the seats, bowl work, and chamber work around the valves. So this infact is a complete port job for the most part.

I have personaly never had any work performed by Larry but I have seen quite a few of his engines run and some of his work. He is def a competent builder and seems to be detail orientated. I think you can rest assured the work will be up to standard. I'm sure there are members on here who do have experience with Larry.

So for the money... That basic package is a very good value. From a well known Honda engine builder.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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