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My D16A8 turbo build 1988 ED9 CRX restoration

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I thought it was about time I started posting where I'm at with this.

The CRX is mostly stripped down.

Most of the dash still to be removed, then doors and hatch.

Engine out with head off. Needs to go on stand and be stripped down. I need to make room in workshop.

D17 need to be stripped of crank if I decide to go that way.

I still need to buy some parts.
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Good to know about the heat and the wide band.

Summer here is mostly mid 30s and hits low 40s so seeing as that's Deg C we have zero chance of a white christmas.

Some people try the Christmas in July thing, but still no snow unless your in the mountains. In my entire 63 years, I never saw the ground white from snow in Sydney even in mid winter. I saw it falling once but it melted on contact.

Yes we can race all year round.

Our winter weather is actually better than summer as summer is just plain to hot.
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The SBC "Honda Journal" rods are B series so they will fit after they are narrowed.

With after market pistons I can specify SBC pin size.

I need to get the H22 belt and dummy up a deck height that works with the belt.
get to taking pictures and spending money.

we all know thats what makes a real build thread!! haha :p
I am looking real hard for someone with 6 left out of 8 rods with 6" or 6.1" centre to centre and Honda journals. Otherwise I will talk to my friendly Scat and Eagle distributors.

Dammm I just measured a Chevy pin. they are 23.546mm dia.

They will need special bushes or the pistons will need real big pin holes which impacts on piston deck height.

Looks like I need some quotes for rods with special bushes.
any updates?
I can get 5.7" Chevy rods at the right price ex stock in Sydney.

6" is harder to get but I can get them in sets of 4 if I wait.

Both have SBC little ends which are 23.55mm or 0.927" dia. Custom pistons could be specified for this.

The rods will be B series width and need to be narrowed to D17 width.
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Finally got around to reading your build thread, Pat. Very interesting! In for updates.

Good continued luck.
pretty cool sounding build tho!
^ I second that!

oh and make a photobucket account or something... makes it easier to view picture.

cool build. The Crx RT4WD peaked my interest!
No just life sometimes has more important issues than a car, like looking after family and earning money.

I have now moved and have the car in the garage. I should start work on it again next week.
Nothing to mention. Still setting up work area and settling family issues.

I almost have the car fully stripped down though and am ready to bring the mechanical parts home from storage.
yeah buddy! good to see your still poking at this thing.
cant wait to see some updates!
I can't wait to have some more worthwhile than took the doors of this week to report.
lol. progress is progress!
these days i count washing my car as work.
were waiting!
I'm slack
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Glad I finally took the time to read your thread pat it looks really good and can't wait to see some more progress.
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I have finished the step daughters LS Integra DD, at least until she breaks it again, I have almost finished the B20B for my LS Integra DD so I should be back on the CRX wihin a week or so.
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