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My D16A8 turbo build 1988 ED9 CRX restoration

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I thought it was about time I started posting where I'm at with this.

The CRX is mostly stripped down.

Most of the dash still to be removed, then doors and hatch.

Engine out with head off. Needs to go on stand and be stripped down. I need to make room in workshop.

D17 need to be stripped of crank if I decide to go that way.

I still need to buy some parts.
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member Jaker was thinking about going with a deck plate but was convinced otherwise. perhaps give him a PM.

i think option 2 is a lot easier and most likely make around the same amount of power in the end.
wow pat, shes coming together.

CRX is going to be RT4WD???

lets hear more about the diesel sleeves. i assume they are a flange style sleeve that the machine shop will just press into the current aluminum "outer sleeve"
B18B/A series has the same diameter big end as the D16. D16 is just slightly thinner (but you will need to go even THINNER since the D17 rod big end is slightly thinner than the D16)
and you would need to machine the tangs into the rod.

but that can be done with an angle grinder and a steady hand. LOL
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this summer... haha. so weird how christmas is summer down there.

we always dream of a "white christmas" (aka snow). i bet yall dont get many of those. haha

oh one more thing, i noticed that wideband u got, the blue one... well i have the same one, and i love it. but if i go for a long drive, and have the heat cranked, it will eventually over heat and start bugging out. so keep it somewhere cool if possible.
get to taking pictures and spending money.

we all know thats what makes a real build thread!! haha :p
pretty cool sounding build tho!
were waiting!
pics pat. we need some.
IMHO you should use ECUcontrol plugin, in turbo edit, as your only logger.

simply input the wideband;s voltage into the ecu's o2 sensor pin, and log the voltage and use the internal scaller to show you that voltage translated to AFR.

then you have access to all the other sensors the ecu uses as well!!
not possible to machine a sandwich to secure the degree wheel under the crank pulley bolt?
very nice
dang that degree wheel is a small one!!
beer + hot summer days + wrenching on cars = awesomeness.
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t-stat ground!! check all the grounds.

have u checked for spark and fuel?
are you sure the distributor is good, and the distributor wiring is good? always worth double checking it on someone elses car if you can.

after checking the grounds that is.
have u tried to spin it clock wise and counter clock wise just to verify it turns easily?
dang! well ill just sit here and wait for updates then.
my best ever brain fart was trying to troubleshoot why my car wouldnt idle... (drag car)

first the distributor was wired wrong, fixed that... but i always doubted the wiring!!!

turns out the problem was, when i painted my intake manifold, i taped off the IACV holes. and i never removed the tape!!! so no air was moving through the IACV.

hilarious!!!! lol
probably just needs a little tweaking.
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