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Boosted 1995 Civic DX Hatchback
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This is a project i have been working on in between college and work for about 4 years now and its almost finally done. With a ton of help from this forum and some great people in my life I am finally almost roadworthy.

No true numbers yet as it is on a basemap tune still. I had it running about 2 years ago and the butt dyno felt really good but had to take it out of service due to a catastrophic oil leak from the pan because i installed it while the motor was in the car intead of upside down on a stand.

Heres what I have done to it:

•5 speed manual conversion from automatic with an S20 trans out of a 93 Civic SI, thanks to the help of a DIY guide on this forum :)
•Precision 4831B MFS Turbo
•Turbosmart Wastegate
•Greddy BOV
•Crower Forged Billet Steel Rods
•SRP Pistons 9:1 CR .030 oversized
•Blox Block Guard
•Fresh head, stock hardware
•Energy Suspension bushings all the way around on the chassis
•Mishimoto FMIC
•Skunk 2 Pro Series IM
•Walbro high output fuel pump
•AEM fuel rail and FPR
•AEM Wideband
•Daetschwerks 1000cc Injectors
•Hondata S300 Chip
•Hondata Boost Solenoid
•Hondata 3 BAR MAP Sensor
•Stock Cam
•Stock Crank
•Car was painted the new Sonic Pearl Gray on the new Civic Sports at MAACO (I do not recommend them to anyone)

I think im finally done spending money on the thing but any advice is greatly appreciated. Countless hours of time, blood, sweat and curse words went into making this my dream car.




Next time its out of the garage i will add daytime pictures to this thread
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