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Well here is my 4 door. I just removed the stock 185k Y7 and tranny that burned 1.5 quarts a week. I installed another Y7 with a Y8 intake. I installed a new timing belt, tensioner, and stage II clutch.
Turbo setup consists of:
A/C compatible log made by me
2 1/2 stainless down pipe made by me
Tiny ass Garrett .51/.48 T25 sized turbo with a T3 flange. Ebay item, tight as hell
CDM ebay 38mm wastegate I bought a long time ago for mock up
Aluminum charge pipes made by me. Some bought on ebay, some from CoreyR
Couplers donated by CoreyR
DSM 1G blow off valve. HMT style, I don't forget my roots.
31x6.5x2.75 ebay intercooler. I welded on tabs to mount it with.
DSM 390's Donated by a shop I do work for.
Resistor box bought from HMT classifieds
P75 chipped by me also bought from HMT classifieds
Stealthmode Performance oil line kit. (Thanks to Steve for getting me the right fitting)
OBDIIa to OBDI conversion harness that was fucked up from HMT classifieds. Fixed now. DAMN CEL 9!!!
Crome Pro rom editor
CDM boost gauge from Donald
PLX wideband with gauge from Ebay
Onto the pics.

Log manifold and downpipe

Money shot

Yes, I bought a brand new K&N for this thing. Got to have a clean ass!

Car runs well now that the CEL is fixed. I made a test pipe in place of the cat. Car is full spool at 8psi by 3k in 3rd gear. The turbo is super small and may be changed out. I will have drive it for a while and see how it is. After all, I built the turbo kit so I'd have some more power with the A/C on.

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ebay gauge cluster FTW!

im rockin one too ;)

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automatic gauge cluster?

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Thats set up is ok ! But once you start to boost your gona want more and that t25 will max out fast!!!!
Not to sound like a dick, but look at the welding and how he lists stuff off....that alone should be a giveaway that this isn't his first or even 5th turbo set up, further he says that it's a tiny turbo and that he made it for a little more power with the AC on. I think he's aware of the limitations of a T25......

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Thats how you represent HMT!!right down to the dsm bov
ladies and gentleman this is the proper way to do a turbo setup kit
nice clean whitey downpipe. and even though its ac compatible it doesnt look cluttered at all.
a fine example.
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