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I got a 93 si coupe ( Canadian, has no rear disk or power lock/windows) I paid $4200 for it with 170,000 km and the usual rear fender rust. I know that is a bit over priced bu it was the only one I has seen within 5-6 hours of me under 6G, now that I have got it apart the people who owned it before were complete assholes. In my process of removing the interior I found that they had the carpet replaced and whoever did it glues down indoor/outdoor carpet in like 6 section so they did not have to remove anything just glue around it. For some reason every bolt on the car is rusted but there is no rust on the car except for the fender, and he forgot to mention there was a fire under the dash in the console area, so I remove the ashtray thing and the plugs behind there are all melted ( I wondered why my high beam light was always faintly on) and the console is all scorched on the underside. He told me before I bought it that it had been hit in the drivers fender but the work that was done to fix it was nothing less than a hack job. When I got it you had to drop the hood from about 3/4 open to get ti to close, but now I have removed the latch and when I put it on now no matter what position it will not lock onto the hood. Oh and the sunroof was cracked. Aside from all of that here is what I have done and plan to do to the car. I will be adding pictures when I can

What I have done:
D16Z6 - 179,000 km on it
- SSAC manifold (said A/C compatible but guess what I had to remove to get to fit)
- Ebay FMIC I believe turbo XS
- volvo turbo .43 / .48 internal wastegate (only hit 6 PSI so far, more on that in a bit)
- stealth mode oil lines
- tapped pan ( obviously ^^)
- Ebay black 2.5 inch inter cooler piping custom cut to fit
- Ebay Greddy type S knockoff BOV
- DSM 450cc injectors and resistor box ( long story sort I got one bad injector that was seized, ran on 3 cylinders for a day and was squealing tires a little bit going into second, E-mailed the person I had got the injector from 6 months prior and he sent a new one , lucky me, now it runs allot smother at idle, and idles around 800 instead of 250. can't wait to try it again. Also my turbo was at full spool at about 3500-3800 RPM I expect it or be around or under 3000 with all the cylinders)
- took off honda wind deflector in front of the sunroof( anybody want one?)
- came with ASA 4 wide spoke rims
- clarion deck
- chipped ECU - tunning with crome
- motes Ostrich
- Open down pipe
- Innovative LC-1 wideband

What I have waiting to be done:
- black molded carpet from a wrecked hatch with black interior
- black door panels
- paint dash and other interior pieces black
- dye back seat black
- new sunroof glass
- new bumper (hack job was done on repairing the broken one from the hit)
- 50 sq/ft of B-quiet ultimate is on its way
- 2 12 (600W each) inch subs with fiberglass molded boxes on either side of the truck
- 1200 watt amp
- ebay dual bend short shifter on its way
- 10" slim fan on its way

what I plan to do/ get net:
- 2.5 inch exhaust to a walker turbo muffler
- aluminum race radiator
- racing seats
- new speakers (He said they were new, but they are all blown)
- cry02 kit
- devils own alcohol kit
- TT rods
- vitara pistons
- fix the rust
- koni yellows
- 4 channel amp for the speakers
- greddy counter weighed shift knob

That is all I can remember right now will add later, any suggestions?



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I find it funny how the first 4 posts request pictures. I am at work at the moment and I will get picture when I get home.
Sorry...we are lazy...we'd rather look at a picture than read...But overall looks like you have put alot of work into the car. :TU:

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exactly ^^ lol pictures tell me everything :p

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were is le foto?
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