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Pt. 1

The Original Plans. As of Nov. 5. (Copy'd and Pasted from a local forum.)
Ok, so heres the car.

1991 Civic DX 4d. Currently the car has an Mini-me swap, d15b7/y8 head. p28, obd1 swap with hasport conversion harness. MPI swapped obviously. Funtion/Form Type 2 coilovers, funtion/form rear lca's, adjustable front upper control arms, no rear interior, jdm sidemarkers, jdm power folding mirrors(currently Inop). Some other random bs.

D16y8(bought off of gregg, low comp in cyl 4)

75.5mm vitara pistons.
Fjd h-beams
stock crank, balanced, unsure what else im gonna do about this.
stock sleeves
Brian crower Stage 2 cam
AEM tru time cam gear
AEM Fuel rail
KMS valvetrain kit. Blockguard or block posts?
ARP Head Studs
Thermal intake mani gasket
Blackworks intake mani and TB
Megan racing Underdrive pulley.
Gates racing timing belt.

Full Z6 harness, with a P28 will be used. Prolly end up tuning with crome. Might try myself? Dunno yet.

I will highlight stuff in RED once i get it. I have the motor torn apart, pictures will come soon.

Hopefully i can get 300whp? Idk..

All machine work will be done by mike grahm at thayer machine shop in bg. Decked, bored, notched, acid dipped, blah blah blah. Port and polish, the works. ive got all the time in the world, might as well do it right.


however, all other comments are welcome, suggestions, etc.

Im sure im missing some stuff on that build list, those are just the plans. As for what turbo and associated parts im gonna use, im not sure yet. Ill decide that when the time is closer.

Im shooting for next summer or fall.

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And heres where we are today.(Actually, the picture of the car was taken like last week, all the other pictures were taken tonite. ha)

Thats how the car sits right now, getting DD'ed.

And heres where i got LUCKY, and decided that i actually had some stuff, so i could start a build thread.
I have a friend in the army, and hes back on Holiday right now. I was talking to him last night. And he told me that he had all this turbo shit, and he decided to do a B-Swap, and if i wanted the turbo stuff. Knowing I had plans for the y8 already. Hell ya i said, how much?

"Free, you can just have it."


The conversation went something like that.

A night later, and after buying him a well deserved meal at Taco Bell. I have aquired all of this. For Nothing.

Apexi SAFC, and HKS Boost gauge.

Ebay mani, wont be using this.

Greddy Cast mani. WILL BE USING THIS.:)

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Stock T25 off of a SR20 i believe, 0 Miles since rebuild, 0 shaft play.

Big ol FMIC
Random Couplers. vacuum line, clamps, etc.
FMU, correct?

Intercooler piping, RFL bov, knock off im guessing.

Jackson Racing Boost Timing Controller, gonna have to read up on this.

Ebay MBC

DSM 390's?

So, all this for free. It has officially given me the motivation to get this build the fuck on. Im shooting for more like Spring now. Sooner maybe. Thinking about boosting the Mini-me for now, until i get the y8 done. IDK though, id like to have a back up motor incase i blow the Y8.


My civic
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Nice man, should've posted in the showcase section though. You'll be more than happy with the vitara setup

No Tune No Life!
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Nice man, should've posted in the showcase section though. You'll be more than happy with the vitara setup

showcase or forced induction

why in the shoecase section? this is my build thread, ill be adding to it. lol. and my cars def not showcase worthy
looking good! BTW that is a DSM 2g t25. Keep us updated!
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