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Hey guys, new to the forum but not new to Hondas. Del Sols are unpopular due to the weight of the car and lack of practicality, but as corny as it sounds I like the "cool factor" of the del Slo because of the 2 seater/targa top setup.

I bought the car in early July of 2016. The car was bone stock, the only things aftermarket on the car were a Pioneer receiver and 2 circa 2000s 10" Kicker Comps in a crappy ported box that took up most of the trunk. It had 242XXX miles on it. I bought it from pastor living in a retirement community. The original owner lived in NJ, and the original window sticker from the dealer and some oil change/ tire rotation receipts from the 90s are still in the glove box! The car sold for $17,360 in 1995, with listed options of "Quartz Clock" and "Tachometer" which I think is pretty cute. I believe that I am the fourth owner. The first owner being an older guy (because he kept documentation), second being a younger kid (the one who installed the subs), and then the pastor. The pastor had the car repainted and maintained it himself. When I pulled up to buy the car, it sat like this:

It's a 1995 in Paradise Green Metallic. I wanted a 95 because it was the first year with the redesigned roof and trunk seals (no leaks even in a 22 year old car, pretty impressive) and the last year for the Aux lights. I'm not a fan of the look of Sols without the Aux lights. I walked away with the car for $1860, which was a steal in my opinion.

I'm a college kid who loves tinkering with everything from mechanical watches to guitars and tube amps. So I decided why not, let's mess with a Honda. I started with wheels and coilovers:

Also pictured are the LED headlights and aftermarket housings, as well as yellow Aux lights. The new lights really added to the look of the car. I also got fitted leather seat covers (I added the aftermarket shift knob down the road):

This past summer, I decided to boost it, because why not. Sols are too slow from the factory, excluding the B16 versions. So I did. Half of it was to make the car faster, half of it was to start getting into cars for real. This is halfway through the build where it wouldn't start and the oil feed line was pissing oil like mad:

My vanity plate came in while the car was sitting, disabled:

I also added the OEM mudflaps you see in that pic. I was ironing out the issues with the car like the oil leak and the no start condition I was dealing with at the time. I was new to engine building and whatnot, and it was super stressful because this car is my daily and I had nothing to drive. I knew it was stupid to try this on a car that I depend upon to get me from A to B, but I'm a kid and I didn't really care, it was a challenge for me.

I got it running, threw on a front lip, some JDM style bumper guards, and some ricer stickers. I picked up a Sickspeed sponsorship as well.

I also made a custom sub enclosure using MDF, fiberglass, and a lot of fab work.

The car was Dyno tuned and made 200WHP and 160lb/ft. It burns a bit of oil and needs a clutch, but it's still a riot to drive. Here's my parts list.

- Custom Leather seat covers on OEM seats
- New light housings and LED headlights
- OEM mudflaps
- Front lip
- Felgenwerks FW .003 15x8 +20 offset wheels on Hankook 195/50/R15 tires
- Tein Control Master coilovers,
- 2016 15" Kicker CVX152 + 2016 Kicker 1200.1 amp with custom made fiberglass trunk/spare tire enclosure. Yes, this means the car has no spare tire. The tradeoff is that you get great sound and all of your trunk space. It also has four Kicker speakers up front
- Tanabe catback exhaust (with resonator and muffler), kind to your neighbors and doesn't evoke too much growl from the meh sounding single cam motors Honda put in their cars in the 90s. Straight pipe cat. Resonator and Muffler are still there because I’m not ignorant enough to have a car that sounds like that/ tear apart a $500+ exhaust.
- Custom downpipe with Oxygen sensor bung
- eBay T04E 50 trim (.48 A/R) turbo
- miniram style header
- Authentic Tial 44mm wastegate
- FMIC custom to the del Sol
- HKS SSQV blow off valve
- DSM (Mitsubishi) 450cc injectors (10W 10Ohm resistors inline)
- Walbro 255 fuel pump
- Cometic head gasket
- ARP head studs
- Oil feed/drain lines + welded oil pan bung
- Hondata 4 bar MAP
- P28 chipped with Hondata S100
- Full tune with dyno sheet available making 200WHP by Absolute Proformance in Finksville
- Air filter for turbo
- A/C Delete
- Apex'i turbo timer
- Autometer boost gauge
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