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Ok laugh if u may:

D16Z6 block
Z6 crank
Z6 rods - forged
D15B pistons - forged
Z6 or D15B head - cam reground

lots of boost, possibly idle problems due to lack of compression?


D15B7 block; Sleeved with iron press-in sleves for a 1.6L
D15B crank - leave stock... no need to modify
D15B sized forged pistons
D15B/Z6 rods - h-beam
D15B head - reground cam

waaaay more boost.

The ladder of the two is the idea I have been planning for a while now... since I live in cali, and CHP here are ASSHOLES! Shit, I got pulled over cause I was doin 100 when I got on the fwy (he couldnt radar me), and was doin 65 whe I pulled off and got pulled over. I had to sit on the side of the road for him to figure out if a D15B7 was a USDM block, and if my pacesetter headers with a damned EO plaque on it was legal. HE ended up flagging me for illegal equipment anyways. He also kept wiping the grease off the block where the engine code was making sure that "7" had not dissipeared since 5 min ago. This went on for over an hour.

%@#%#@% CHP.... learn your shit.... you should know what No catalytic converter sounds like and pull over all the fags blaring past us on the freeway instead of pulling me over because you think I have a non smog-legal engine (which I swapped in a week later).

Oah yeah... test-only.... what a joke... I went with a JDM ECU, JDM block, no evap/purge, no 02 heater, intake, and headers... and timing skewed to an oblivion..... passed visual and mechanical with no questions asked.

SMOG is just another way go getting TAX PAYERS MONEY to no end.
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