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I bought this 1996 Accord a few years ago, I'm the third owner of it and it started as 100% stock, and almost 400K miles on it. The transmission was seized (shop never put oil back in the transmission after servicing). I changed out the transmission, freshened up the engine, and drove it stock for a while. First I added coilovers, then new wheels/tires, then I got sick of how slow and boring the drive was. I had some turbo parts laying around so I decided to do a basic turbo build.

I wanted something that had no lag and made power at lower engine speed. I decided to use the K04 turbo from a MazdaSpeed3, because it seemed to be a good fit from the compressor maps. I read online how the K04 is a waste of time, it won't make good power, and it would be too expensive to make it work. I started this thread to hopefully inspire people to stop reading the crap people write online, and go build something fun and different.

- F22B1 (all stock internals with almost 400K miles on them), I only replaced the head gasket (OEM), piston rings and bearings (OEM). True testament to the quality and durability of factory Honda parts.

- K04 turbo from 2007 MazdaSpeed3
- 35mm External Wastegate
- Ebay BOV
- Custom made by me:
- Head/Turbo Flanges and mini ram steel manifold
- 2.25" to 2.50" downpipe
- 2.25" Intercooler piping
- Ebay Intercooler (Tucked behind factory bumper)
- Tuned with Neptune RTP
- DSM 390cc Injectors
- 2.5" to 2.25" exhaust with true catalytic converter and very quiet muffler
- With stock injectors, and stock ECU plugged back in, it passed emissions testing no problem.
- Still have factory PS, AC and cruise control. Drives like stock.
- Probably cost less than an Ebay turbo kit, and this setup is way more reliable.

I had it at about 12 PSI and it felt very strong up to 5500rpm (stock cam drops off after that point). Above 12 PSI the stock clutch started to slip. I drove it for about a year between 8 and 12 PSI with no issues. It will make boost at 1800rpm or at part throttle. I've driven supercharged Honda's before, and this feels the same as far as response.

At the moment I need a 100% reliable daily driver (Stock pistons/rods: 400K miles + boost = ???), so I'm taking this setup out and putting in a H23A bluetop. I'm considering keep this setup and using in an autoX/road course build with a F2B in a Civic or CRX.

I highly recommend this turbo for any 2.3L or smaller engine, seems like it would work well on a D-series. Because I was curious, I used virtual dyno to see what it shows for power. BOV has developed a leak, so it didn't hold full boost (dropped off after 4800rpm). The pull was from 3850 rpm to 5800rpm. The numbers seem a little high, but it feels very similar to a NA H22 Prelude I had that was making 200whp. For a 3000lb car, this setup definitely makes a night and day difference.


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