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My '95 EG6 Civic DX

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Here's my baby. Doesn't look great now but oh I can't wait for it to be done. The paint is fading all over the car ever since I got it in Jan of 2006. Censored Although I must say for the price I paid for it I could probably see the paint being faded by now. It was wrecked years ago and the hood and bumper when I got it were destroyed cause the paint and clear coat failed miserably. So as you can see in the pictures the hood doesn't fit and is the wrong color. Thats the hood that came off my '95 4-Door that has a blown engine AGAIN!!! But I can't say much cause if it wasn't for that then I wouldn't have this. Back to the car! She was stock when I got her but now with some time and major patience this is where she's at.

She still has a long way to go, but here she is.

16" Black Riax Seca Wheels with Mastercraft Sensys 01 Tires (70,000+ miles rated)
APC Weld on Exhaust Tip
APC Short Ram Intake
APC (I think) Halo Headlights
HPR Headers and Down Pipe
Dual Head Unit
2 12" MTX Subs Pushing roughly 300 Watts (Under powered)
Kenwood KAC-818 Amp
Streetglow Blue Neons Inside
30% Window Tint
Custom Built Computer for Stereo

Future Plans:
New Stock or Z3 Fenders
Lambo Doors
Turbo Kit
Full Cat-Back Exhaust
New Taillights
Computer Sound System (Almost Done, Should be installed this week)
TV in/on the Dash (Touchscreen)
Secret Project for the Hood. (Just Wait)
Low Pro Tires and Lowering Kit
Racing Seats with Harnesses
Body Kit (It'll look good just wait)
Bigger Brakes
Shaved Doors
...... And More (Just can't think of it all)

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^^ Tryin to at least. Not really makin a lot so fixin it up is takin some time. Hopefully pickin up the paint next week, a dark blue with metal flake. So I plan to have it in the paint shop in the coming months.
paint does wonders trust me.

I went from

then got rid of HX's for new wheels.
nice work. but you should have your subs facing the inwards cause bass reflects. you're have a clean and tighter sound.
Yeah everyones been tellin me to turn the subs. Just a matter of fixing the amp so the wires don't get twisted or anything. But I'll see what I can do.
Well took it to the tonight and entered the bass competition. I topped out 132.6 Decibels in my Hatch, came in like 3rd or 4th out of all that entered. And the crazy part is I'm underpowered. Guess its time to get a bigger amp! The first place guy ran at 143.4 I think. Might turn them around to see what I can get out of them!

My setup:

The Results:
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Figured I'd update it, add some new stuff. Smoked amber corneres, painted the right hood, added an armrest, a JDM RHD Audio Console and an Auto Meter Voltage gauge. I'm sure I', forgetting something but I'll add it later.

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Well time for another update. Working on the body work which is takin time. Just got power door locks installed the other night, which I love now. Also currently gettin everything together for the engine swap. Just need to everything bolted together and get it dropped in.

A couple pics from a little while ago

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Oh man what for girls :shocked::shocked::shocked:

Your car looks very nice , i like the color .

Make your car so from this pic and its Perfekt man.:TU:

Bye Pascal
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is tha girl 15? and the other her mom, she looks young lol
Actually the girls are models for XCustomz, the business a friend of mine and me started awhile back. We met them at NOPI Nationals this year and they agreed to come to some shows with us and next year they'll be with us.
More pics of that girl in the red and I say its all good!

Car is not my style but good luck.
Ohhhh TITTAY'S lol
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More pics of that girl in the red and I say its all good!

Car is not my style but good luck.

Actually thinkin about goin back stock makin a sleeper. Then it'd be easier to get it lower.
Well I figured I'd give another update. Ya'll should remember the pictures from NOPI and how it looked. Well I found a painter in McDonough that does some awesome work. Right now he's got it in primer and next week it should be in paint when I drop the car back off. But here hows it looked last week to today.


Brian doin what he does best

Ready for some primer

After 2 hrs workin on the fender

Left the car to him over night and came back to this

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Brought it home Friday night, left it in the garage for 2 days, and here it is Sunday

And its not done yet. Still have to shave the moldings and some other stuff. But I can't wait!:D
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i like that particular body kit alot. i had the same one on my 99 coup that i had. looked sick. good luck with the build!:TU:
Cars looking good. I'm a fan of "some" body kits. Nothing too aggresive.

Keep us updated as you have been.
Forgot to mention, before it went in, had 27+ dents in the hood, and 50+ on the roof from hail and the previous owner. And he made it look straight as anything. After he did the work, he told me how many he took out.
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