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My '95 EG6 Civic DX

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Here's my baby. Doesn't look great now but oh I can't wait for it to be done. The paint is fading all over the car ever since I got it in Jan of 2006. Censored Although I must say for the price I paid for it I could probably see the paint being faded by now. It was wrecked years ago and the hood and bumper when I got it were destroyed cause the paint and clear coat failed miserably. So as you can see in the pictures the hood doesn't fit and is the wrong color. Thats the hood that came off my '95 4-Door that has a blown engine AGAIN!!! But I can't say much cause if it wasn't for that then I wouldn't have this. Back to the car! She was stock when I got her but now with some time and major patience this is where she's at.

She still has a long way to go, but here she is.

16" Black Riax Seca Wheels with Mastercraft Sensys 01 Tires (70,000+ miles rated)
APC Weld on Exhaust Tip
APC Short Ram Intake
APC (I think) Halo Headlights
HPR Headers and Down Pipe
Dual Head Unit
2 12" MTX Subs Pushing roughly 300 Watts (Under powered)
Kenwood KAC-818 Amp
Streetglow Blue Neons Inside
30% Window Tint
Custom Built Computer for Stereo

Future Plans:
New Stock or Z3 Fenders
Lambo Doors
Turbo Kit
Full Cat-Back Exhaust
New Taillights
Computer Sound System (Almost Done, Should be installed this week)
TV in/on the Dash (Touchscreen)
Secret Project for the Hood. (Just Wait)
Low Pro Tires and Lowering Kit
Racing Seats with Harnesses
Body Kit (It'll look good just wait)
Bigger Brakes
Shaved Doors
...... And More (Just can't think of it all)

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tail lights.... red/white.... headlights - stock/jdm. the rest looks pretty good - oh, the interior shot with the neon lights... it'd be sweet if your gauge cluster lit up the same color.
Workin on that part, buildin a custom cluster for it that'll be blue. Taillights and headlights haven't had much time to play with, but switchin them out soon, I hope.
i hope this doesnt turno out like seems as if its heading down that street IMO
Stayin from Ricer, but goin show and street. Everyone says the kit will make it ricer as well as the doors but I've got some ideas and all.
Well this was fun tonight. Sittin at work while it was rainin. Moved my car closer before I got off. Rained harder looked outside to see this. Luckly didn't get in the car just under it. Climbed on the hood and on the roof to get in. Didn't do any damage doin that either.
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Well I'm happy now. Got paid and went out and bought the start of my new suspension. Paint was gonna come first but lately the cars been hittin hard so I went ahead and got started on the suspension.

Bought 2 new rear KYB GR2 Shocks, and a Matrix Tie Bar (to get me goin for now). I'll probably upgrade the tie bar later just went ahead and got one for now.
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Dam, thats a big ass puddle. Same shit happened to me this morning on my way to school. Had no choice but to try and drive right on the crown (middle) of the road
Yeah, comin home that night sucked. Hit some HUGE puddles and water was pourin over the hood from my tires sprayin it all up.
If he wants to build his version of a show car, so be it, its a good start. I don't know about the Z3 fenders though
^^ I've gotten that look before. All I ask is just wait til its done before anyone makes to many judgements. Thanks
It's a Civic man, we've all already seen what you're talking about doing a million times. You have to understand that things like Z3 fenders, lambo doors, bodykits, and anything APC aren't real popular here...
well the more and more I think about it, I'm thinkin about goin suicide doors now.
well the more and more I think about it, I'm thinkin about goin suicide doors now.
Still, not a real popular choice. It's your car, and your money, so do what you want. If you want to get alot of props and respect for your work, and not hear people call your ride "rice", I would suggest checking out this thread, every page...
Quick update.... Got the shocks and rear lower tie bar installed. Heres a quick pic.

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:lol: a bunch of fruit bags with OEM honda rims and B swaps? :lol:
IMO, better than a bunch of fruit bags with bodykits, APC parts, and door mods...:***:

Here's some better examples...
Well I'm in for a fun and long weekend. Went to work today and noticed the hatch was runnin really rough, well turns out I now have a blown head gasket. Noticed somethin wrong the other night and then today she quit. So I had to trailer her home from work and was it a sad sight for me to see.

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Well on a positive note, got the car running last weekend. Feels go to be driving it again. Although I liked driving my brother-in-law's truck. But I also ordered my smoked corner lenses and they came in yesterday. Already have them in and I love the way they look. I know someone will ask about the hood, its my 4 door hood, its a temp fix until I finish the hatch hood.

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headlights/corners... :TU:
Not my style but then again, not my car. Atleast your doing something.
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