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My 92 civic projects (pics inside of tear down)

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My 92 civic projects UPDATED FINALLY

Picked it up $500 because it wouldnt stay running and the idle was all over the place. Got it home and did some research online. Found out that there is a small plate on the bottom of the throttle body with 2 bolts and coolant lines running to it. You have to remove that plate and inside is a plunger on a screw. Over time they thread themselves out causing unstable idling and stalling. I just threaded it back in bolted it back up and the car runs perfect.

The guy selling it also included two used doors for the drivers side because one of his buddies got drunk and hit them with a bat, then he got pissed and hit them with a brick. Also got new wheel cylinders, pads, hardware kit, and drums for the rear (stock components) but the master cylinder still needs replaced.

All the car has now is the matrix cai pacesetter header, and pacesetter cat-back. It also has powerstop drilled front rotors but the brakes dont work right now so they dont help much:eek:

Once I got it i ripped it apart and started on the bodywork but the cold weather came so i had to stop on the project untill spring.

Most of you are prolly watching my engine build also

Anyways, onto the pictures.

Before I did anything to the body (hood was popped in these pics):

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These are pics of the teardown and start of the bodywork

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And the last of em

The guy I bought it from tryed shaving the door handle. Look at how thick that duraglass it....DAMN!!!....

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Damn, reminds me of my last project. Tons of rust and in need of a paint job. Good luck w/ it. I'll be in the same boat in a day or two when I pick up my CRX. The doors on it have places that are rusted straight through. :(
i do bodywork for a living so its not that bad to me. iv seen cars way worse. really aside from the dents the car isnt in that bad of shape. the wheel wells have the typical honda rust and theres a spot on the right rear quarter where an antenna was bolted up back when the car was a storm chaser in

It does need a new hood and passenger side fender. hood dents are the worst so i dont even mess with them anymore, just replace them its easier and in the long run cheaper(but thats the production bodyman coming out).

Thanks for having a look. good luck on your rex :)

EDIT: Also I'm planning on shaving the door handles the right way but dont know whether i should shave the side moldings? Any Opinions?
Ahh, you're lucky on that one then. I had to try fixing the honda cancer w/ no previous body experience. It wasn't pretty but it looked better than the holes that were there. I just cut out the rusted metal, welded in some sheet metal, semi-bent to shape and bondoed the hell out of it. I would have had id done professionally but that wasn't really and option being broke and in college.

As for the side moldings, you may as well go ahead and shave them while you're at it. It beats the hell out of having to go back and redo it later.
you can buy quarter patch panels for our cars for 150 for both sides. they are an exact match, just cut out old, weld in new, grind it down and some minor filler will be needed.
Sweet, is that 150 retail or do you get a jobbers discount for it? You wouldn't happen to have a pic of one or a link would you? If so that'd be awesome.
Sweet, thanks for the link. I'm glad you know a place that has them for CRX's. That would have sucked otherwise.
just realized the pics stopped working....

Bump for working pics :)
damn man glad you got alot of time on your hand with that project that one thing i wouldnt want to tackle GL
Its been a long time since I have done anything to the car. I busted ass on the body of the Civic all day yesterday and here are my results. The only thing left to do to the body now is patch the quarters and do the roof dents and replace hood and fenders. No update on the engine front until someone buys the old engine and tranny. Onto the pics (alot of pics):

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let me know what you guys think. o and the reason I didnt do the quarter patches is because i have no access to a welder right now. also the pass front door is prolly gonna be trashed from where the previous owner tryed to shave the handle and mangled it beyond repair.
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looks like good shit, i hope you get it done soon, i love my 4dr its a 92 as well, all i have left to do before i prep for paint is pull the back end out about 4" from where the owner before me got hit, the base will let me use there frame puller for 15 bux an hour, do you know what color you are going with yet?
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