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1994 Civic Ex (Ej1)
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Hello Im new so I thought id show off my build so far.

A little Background of the car up to this point.

I bought the car about 4-5 years ago in Los Angeles in a mobile home park which is sat under a tarp for god knows how long. She is my daily driver and soon to take to the track when i get time.

At first she was an automatic 1994 civic EX. with a JDM d15b VTEC Swap. Everything was shot on the car from tires brakes and radiator had a hole in it.

In the years this is what Ive done:

Converted the car to a stick shift,
Did CARB legal AEM Intake, Pacesetter Header (I live in California) Spec D tuning (EBay) mandrel bent cat back, I cut the fart can off and put a vibrant stealth muffler.

Car came with 16 way adjustable coil overs but nothing for the camber, I added skunk 2 camber kit front a rear with LCAs. To make it more gribby through the turns I added Federal tires 205 40 16s.

For stopping power I upgraded the front caliper to wilwood 4 pots and put rear GSR disc brake setup. As well as upgrading the lines to steel braided lines.

Interior wise I put in the MOMO steering wheel with the NRG hub and quick release. all black nothing flashy. Seats are out of an EK and the custom gauge pod holder with water temp and oil pressure.

I removed the AC (Didn't work anyway lines were cracked) amd put in a manual steering rack ( mostly for the feel)

Now im currently on the exterior, The car should be in paint next weekend but for the last coupe months its been in bodywork having the whole body straightened. and sanded and blocked.

My next step for the car is Ive been hooked on OEM parts and rare parts. a mugen lip would be awesome but im in no rush. I recently bought a recked car that has a cherry d16z6 and si trans. As well as I might put the AC back in.

Well thats pretty much it that i can think of. Let me know what you think of my baby


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