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Started this project a few years ago, just work on it in my spare time. Been having fun with it. :)

1991 Civic std 260,000+ miles

prothathane suspension bushings
skunk2 drag launch springs
homemade traction bars from a guy on ebay
si knuckles and hubs

si trans rebuilt by me
obx lsd
fidanza 6.3lb flywheel
clutchnet dual diaphram pp
3 puck solid hub disk
fidanza axles (i think they may be repackaged dss axles)
22x9.5x13 m+h slicks (to be run very soon hopefully)

di6z6 swap
eagle rods
srp pistons
honda bearings
balanced by D&D, blueprinted by me
energy mount inserts

stock valves
crower springs
titanuim retainers to be installed soon
mild porting by me

garrett turbo t3t04e 50 trim 63 ar
homemade turbo manifold from another guy on ebay
3" downpipe and exhaust
flowmaster muffler
2.5" intercooler pipes with lots of couplers and clamps :)
big ass cheap intercooler (used)

eddelbrock intake manifold (used, the guy threw in the tb)
holley throttle body 70mm
rc 1000cc injectors
aem ems (bought it used for a very very good price)

This is the cars very first run at the dragstrip. I suck at driving on street tires.

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mustang dyno??
fuckin sweet numbers even more so if thats on a mustang!!!

91 CRX Si
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Wow, nice car!

R2.....Zap Balls
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:shocked: that's awesome, I hope I can see #'s like that on mine one day :TU:

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