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Moroso Pan, oil starvation during cornering?

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Wondering if anyone knows about these Moroso or OBX oil pans having problems for road racing or auto-x with oil starvation? Someone mentioned it to me but haven't been able to confirm or deny this issue. It was mentioned that the baffling system for the Moroso or OBX pans are only for front to back and from these pics it looks like that is the case. Has anyone welded another baffle into their pan to correct this? I'm working on my turbo project for road racing and Auto-x.

Here's both of the pans.

Look what I found on their site.. That's the type of baffling system I really was looking for with this pan. I was also talking to a friend with a supercharged GTS Celica that has a Moroso pan and his looks like the one below. said:
Honda 1.3L & 1.5L, Road Race
Kicked-Out Sump
5.5 Quart Capacity

Fits: Honda 1.3L and 1.5L engines used in stock 1984-87 CRX models without chassis modifications

Fully fabricated all-aluminum construction offers exceptional strength without the added weight and provides several design advantages over stock-core pan
A cluster of four trap-door baffles completely surround the pickup to ensure ample oil supply and oil pressure regardless of hard acceleration, braking, or quick left/right cornering
Special oil control features are critical because the stock pan causes oil to move away from pickup during hard driving
Double kicked-out sump increases capacity to 5.5 quarts, while maintaining stock depth for ample ground clearance
Removable sump tray allows for easy cleaning, cools and de-aerates return oil, and keeps excess oil off of the rotating assembly to prevent horsepower-robbing windage
Includes one-half inch NPT bung at rear for fitting a temperature sender and one-half inch NPT bung at front for plumbing an oil return line for those running turbos (also includes two one-half inch NPT plugs if required)
Includes magnetic drain plug with extra copper washer
Also includes pan mounting kit with hex-drive steel studs to eliminate stripping the engine block and serrated-face flare nuts to withstand vibration
Accommodates stock pan gasket and dipstick with existing oil level marks
Use with stock oil pump and pickup

See Oiling System Equipment for External Oil Pump and Dry Sump Components.

NOTE: Oil Pan Capacities DO NOT Include Oil Filter Capacity.

No. Description/Application
20905 Aluminum, Kicked-Out Sump Pan, Honda 1.3L and 1.5L engines.


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The OBX pan has severe fitment issues with the several people I know who attempted to run them.

If you run an appropriate pickup, you will probably never have any oil issues with a pan like the Moroso unit.
Thanks for the comments but that doesn't really help me any. The OBX and Moroso have similar oil traps and DOESN'T look like it's meant for HPDE, instead it looks like it's for drag racing. I found the pan below but it's for a different block. Does anyone know if they carry this one for the D-Series?
Do you mean the Moroso pan?

I don't know enough about serious auto-x competitions to know if oil starvation is an issue. I've never run tires sticky enough to worry about it.
i've been wondering the same thing....bump

I've been thinking of getting a moroso / obx oil pan.

Anyone here run one of these? experiences? issues?
I knew someone that bought the OBX, had major fitment issues so he ended up reselling it

I've been thinking of getting a moroso / obx oil pan.

Anyone here run one of these? experiences? issues?
Hope you like leaks......alum. doesn't make a good pan rail.
I remember reading on here? maybe. A guy that had tried both pans, and ended up going back to using a modified OEM pan.
Hope you like leaks......alum. doesn't make a good pan rail.
I'm using an OEM aluminum pan now :dunno: came with the d16b5 block.

I'm looking to add baffling and anti windage. Does anyone make a dry sump oil system for the D?
buddy around here uses a moroso oil pan on his integra & doesn't seem to have any problems...(for the past 3 years or so)
I've heard nothing but good things about the Moroso pan...and nothing but bad about the OBX(mostly terrible fitment and leaking problems)
Hope you like leaks......alum. doesn't make a good pan rail.
Think Hondabond would help it? It does everything else, except cure cancer.

OEM '96-'00 pans are aluminum, but they're cast. Whole different beast, but it took hondabond to make it seal. Is that what you've got on that d16b5?
I sold a Moroso pan for a reason.......

I have a moroso pan on my h22, never had any leaking issues on rtv.
Only thing i bitch about is the 7.5L of oil LoL. That shit gets $$$
even with a good pan and accusump, how do you plan to prevent #4 cam lobes from going dry on a road course?

Oil is being pumped.....but not getting to the right place in the "oil bath" design of the head.
Could go all ghetto, tap the valve cover and put in nozzles with feed lines haha
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