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More Pics, New Exhaust and Cleaned up real nice right now

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Just A few Crappy pics, didn't really have time to set up in a nice place, just took in the garage, and of course the lighting is all wrong and you still can not see the pearl (i do have a pearl just hard to photograph it lol) what do you think???

NEW: Bosal Performance Exhaust installed by myself and me dad, not to loud, but loud enough and makes a lil more fun to drive

Also dad and i spent a lot of time detailing the car, we armoralled a lot of the tubing in the engine compartment (yes we know we have to paint the header trying to get a good deal on sandblasting the extra i got laying around), we armoralled the entire interior, put some leather protector on the stearing wheel, vacumned, I used a ton of elbow grease, goof off, and laquere thiner to clean the underside of the hood (was gray now white), dad chipped my new paint job while tightening the last bolt he had to paint white (bad luck, oh well got some touch up paint), and i went around the entire car tonight with a wet cloth wiping off the layer of dirt that car washes do not managed to get, I also got a lot of the little marks off, soon i will wax her. Thats all i can think of so far!


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lose the ricer lights!

car looks great
You paint that valve cover up, and it would look great. either black, or white.
nice ride man... *drooling a lil
The valve cover kills it but hella nice rid dude
looks like it came off a new dealer lot
the lip is what came with the car, did have someone talk to me saying that they think they are from different model, but previous owner didn't replace them, so not really sure lol, next job is the valve cover or a new cat, prob cat first lol
That hatch looks like it rolled of the show room floor. I am jealous.
lose the lights.. and youve got a pretty nice car man.. the paintjob looks PERFECT... just slam that bitch down now
lose the lights.. and youve got a pretty nice car man.. the paintjob looks PERFECT... just slam that bitch down now
I would love to lower her, but i can't do that because the street i live on is very very stupid, when i turn into my street it almost grinds as it is now, and my driveway is the only driveway on the entire street where the curb isn't smoothed into the street, every other drive way is nice and low except for mine which sucks cause if i lowered it i would screw my bumper up majorly :crying:
lose the ricer lights!

car looks great
x2, the lights gotta go...
Amazing!!! Great job ............

..... lose the tail lights .......
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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