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250whp? N/A? Daily? Fast/trackable?

Error... no compute...

Need to read some more on here for sure, and you'll need to be turbo. No if ands or buts about it.

What kind of track? Drag, road course, etc?

To be honest, I don't think that number has ever been done in an NA D before honestly, maybe 230 or 240, I don't think I've heard of the 250whp # being touched before (I could definitely be wrong, but if it has its a fucking unicorn), but those engines are the absolute furthest things from a daily, have basically unlimited budgets, practically want to destroy themselves, and only run on nitromethane.

The D architecture just isnt designed to support that power, the engine itself is the limitation. People that do run 200+whp in a D are approaching 2.0L if not at 2.0L or more, meaning it needs to be significantly oversquared, and it needs to rev to the damn moon, touching or exceeding 10k rpm.

To do that, I dont think you quite understand how much work that really is, or the cost, and why it isnt practical for what you're trying to do.

Think of it this way, when B series engines have a HARD time touching that number with just straight bolt ons, a rebore for moderately wider pistons, and a tune, and their architectures are much better designed to support power above 200whp, you'll see why our D's are terrible choices for those numbers in NA trim, especially for a daily!!

Turbo is the answer for the numbers you seek.
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