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Not many come in direct contact with Moates unless they want to buy an Ostrich or their datalogger. For example, I bought my Demon through JR @ Neptune directly.

I had a couple of doubts about one of the Honda sensors, nothing really related to Moates as such. But seeing how they're at the top of the game in the Honda ECU scene (Fuck Hondata), I decided to contact them since they would know what I had a doubt about.

My question was answered by THE MAN, Blundar himself. Helped me out with something that made my day. Even gave me a couple of tips to help me with what I was planning on doing.

I sadly cannot reveal what the communication was about. But big fucking props to Blundar and the Moates support/development team. The answer would not have resulted in any profit to them. Yet they revealed something which few people know about, regarding the OBD1 ECUs. They have one guaranteed customer till I'm alive.
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