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Hey I was looking around on the forum and could not find the answer to this so I am going to ask. If I get a d16y8 Complete Head with Intake Manifold and all that other stuff. How much does the swap cost

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The parts you could corectly for 300-400 using an EX ecu and getting the good deals at the right time.

As far as labor this is where it gets tricky. Most shops will probably perform this hourly since there are no set standards for doing this conversion. There are a few changes that will not be standard to most mechanics (adding vtec wires. knock sensor wires, converting the IACV wires). These items will not conform to the Honda Service manuals and therefore will require the mechanic to research it. O top of that it will be unlikely they will warranty their work. This conversion is really something that should be DIY, with extra time to work on the "unexpected".

If you find a mechanic that has a lot of know how and is very competant and understands hondas, the labor can be very reasonable

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heres what i payed
99 y8 head w/ mani, dist, fuelrail, injectors, throtle body, and valve cover with 30k $300

head gasket $55

timing belt $40

arp head studs $120

pivot vtec controller off ebay $100

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it all depends on what you want to get.

i got my head (just the head) p&p for like $200

p28 ecu (obdI) $100

obd2->obd1 conversion harness $120

skunk 2 IM -> $280

gsr TB -> $50

hondata IM gasket -> $60

j's racing style intake -> $80

oem honda head gasket ( -> $50

and i qutoed a local shop and told them what i got and they said like 5 bills to install :roll: . so i said fuck it. all you gotta do is basically uninstall one head and install antoher, plus some wiring, which you can find a lot of information on here or .
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