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88 y49 crx
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si-hatch86 said:
you use 9 a6/b2/b7/z6 headbolts/studs and 1 y series bolt/stud for that, use your stock dizzy will work. find a chipped pm6 or chippable pm6 and tune with turboedit (acidbeaver has a full write up on how to) and be rolling obd0 and have vtec still.

D15b2 with y8 head (again) that gave me the answer

ok D15b2(block) d15 headbolts fit the d16 head it looks like and its actually one shorter d16y7 headbolt in upper left theres still 2 options 138mm and 140mm but i guess the 2mm is not a deal breaker. thx for the link

1989 HONDA CRX 1.5L L4 Cylinder Head Bolt | RockAuto

one of these should do it thanks again slo_eg8
for the quote of me, disregard the pm6 part and dizzy, as it was for obd0, the headstuds is correct tho
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