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'89 CRX dx
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Hey guys, so im currently halfway through my engine build. Its on a well maintained D15b2 block with a D16z6 head. Im swapping my mini me out for this fresh one that should be bringing me some more ponys because when i bought the car the seller told me it had a bad cylinder. VERY TRUE. Months afterward the engine starts smoking like a MOFO, piston rings are gone, and the cylinder walls are beyond scarred up. Anyways my current build consists of

- a complete D15b2 bottom end with Pm3 pistons, stock rods, crank, oil pump and a new water pump.
-Npr piston rings
-King rod and main bearings
-all new gaskets , O-rings etc.

-D16z6 head (WAS built for my sohct crx until i sold the car and block)
- 3 angle valve job
- port and polish
- Supertech nitride oversized valves 1mm
- Supertech titanium springs and retainers
- Supertech bronze valve guides
- and of course new valve stem seals.
- D16y8 3-layer metal head gasket.
- head is NOT Milled down.
-stock z6 cam (for now)
-adj cam gear

With this set up im hoping to grab some extra power out of this mini me while keeping it fairly economical on the street. After all, it is my daily driver. :bigok:

The mini me thats in the car right now slowly dying is a d15b7/z6. All stock. Not popping vtec due to having a stock p06 computer and civic dx wiring harness with dx distributor.

This is my second mini me build ever and my Fourth single cam build in general. I might be missing some things to list but let me know what you guys think!
Its all going into a 94 Civic Si hatch clone. (dx to Si)
so yeah, ill put up some pics soon.
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