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megan rear camber kits

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can any one tell me if they've used them? what do they think?
did a searched them but nothing about them came up!
any feed back is whould be good thanks!

or should i get the omni's they both run the same just about......leanin towords the omni's
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can any one tell me if they've used them?
personally i have never used the megan racing rear uca. but they look just like all the other kits out on the market. i am not trying to be a d!ck J. to be honest, so long as you are no paying an a$$ ton for them (~$110), they should be good to go.

what do you think?
they look sweet in that color, cause my omni's look so plain in just the polished SS :( .
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I have them good product. ebay them give a best offer of $55 and they will take it.

I alos have their rear toe kit. great item as well. alinment shops love me lol.
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thanks for the feed back i will be buying both the megan camber kit and toe kit!
my friend had megan racing coilover system full damper on his 240.. hit a curb.. and they cracked in half.. lmfao.. he has tein on there now.. hit another curb. no problem... lol shit happens when you think you can drift.. but hit curbs instead lol

i guess theres some confusion.. this isnt the camber kit that broke.... it was the strut itself that broke in half
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