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Time to add some performance to your d series equipped car?

Well megan racing has what you need to get your car to the next level!

Honda Civic 92-00
Model Number : MR-RT-HC9200

We are proud to introduce the new Megan Racing high performance aluminum radiator. Anytime an individual introduces their car to a racing/drifting environment, the temperature of the vehicles engine will skyrocket. One common and effective method of reducing engine temperature is to employ an aluminum radiator.

This is a cost effective upgrade which can ultimately save an engine during competition or spirited driving. Often times, a temperature drop of twenty degrees or more will be noticed when using an aluminum radiator. Also included is a 1.1 BAR radiator cap.

ATTN: Please FLUSH the radiator before installation and properly take all the air pockets out. If its not properly installed, might cause the motor to over heat due to low coolant or air pockets in the cooling system.

- 2 rows

- M-T only


Honda Civic 88-00 EX/LX/DX D16
Model Number : MR-SSH-D16

Megan racing headers are made with T-304 stainless steel, Mandrel bent tubing, CNC Machined Flanges. Each set is tested and dynoed to make sure the fitment and performance meet our goal. Each header comes with 1 year warranty.


- 4-2-1 2 piece

- T-304 Stainless Stee with Polish finish

- Direct bolt on, gain more performance due to more air flow


Honda Civic 92-00
Model Number : CC-HC96

Megan Racing Resonators and Test Pipes offer the ultimate in high-flow performance. Offering substantial horsepower gains in the higher-end of the power band, the Megan Racing Test-Pipes are made of Stainless Steel with a quality polished finish. The Megan Racing Universal Resonators are also made of Stainless Steel and a straight through design, but serve to give your custom exhaust system a more mellow-deep tone while catering to traffic laws and regulations. (Note: The test-pipe is for off-road use only and is not intended for highway use. O2 Simulators may be required if a CEL is triggered.)

* For off-road/race only*

Spec & Features

- Increase air flow and performance

- 100% Stainless steel with chrome finish

- Bolt-on design, easy installation


Honda Civic 92-00 2/4dr (Exc. 99-00 Si)
Model Number : MR-CBS-HC92C

Honda Civic 92-95 3d Hatch
Model Number : MR-CBS-HC92HB

One of Megan Racing s strongest products, the Cat-Back System is made of SUS-304 Stainless Steel with a fully polished surface, CNC machined flanges and mandrel bends. Its aggressive styling, and deep, strong tone are just part of the MR Cat-Back characteristics. It also serves to improve horsepower, torque and overall performance with its straight-through design. The exhaust systems have 2.5” piping and 3” piping for certain forced induction models. Finished with a tip that is designed to increase the scavenging effect and achieve maximum performance, while adding a perfect match on exterior styling as well. As a direct bolt on, each Cat-Back comes with a 12-Month warranty.


- Drift-Spec

Our new cat back system is the drift-spec style. Designed to give it a more agressive look the exhaust is angled up and outward. Depending on each car and each bumper design, the exhaust will vary upon the direction and angle that it sits.


- For Civic 92-95 3Dr hatchback only (including Si)

- 4" tip with 5.5" width muffler

- Removable double-layer silencer, 2.5" piping with 2.25" inlet.

- 3 pieces with built-in resonator

- 100% stainless steel with polish finish

- Producing strong, deep and noticable sound

- Direct bolt-on application

- Gain 10-15 more horse power, faster response

- Comes with one gaskets, bolts & nuts

- Warranty included


Megan racing also offers a wide range of gauges ,fuel presure regulators and oil catch cans

LSD Motorsports
5241 Lincoln Avenue
Unit A-4
Cypress, CA 90630

(877) 573-6686
(714) 220-1245

(714) 808-1312

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