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megan racing headers

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anyone have problems installing the megan racing 4-2-1 headers on a 98 lx?? i cant get the downpipe to connect to the rest of the exhaust. it seems like it is too short.
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i'm pretty sure if you remove the down pipe after the y7 cat, the y8 header and cat will bolt directly. you'll also have to extend some o2 sensor wires to reach their new spots. more than likely just the secondary o2.
ebay is probably the only place you'll find a stainless catback for less than $400. try to find a 2 1/4 inch setup. and also, if you're on a budget, a lot of us have been using the ebay headers and they have been working well for us. if you want to run a test pipe, get one of these. they work well also and you do have to keep your check engine light off for inspection in north carolina.
magnaflow and tanabe are nice. megan is supposed to be alright as well.
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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