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megan racing headers

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anyone have problems installing the megan racing 4-2-1 headers on a 98 lx?? i cant get the downpipe to connect to the rest of the exhaust. it seems like it is too short.
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im running a megan exhaust.. wont buy another one. they dont include 3/4's of the stuff you need to mount it up and finding the right shit is kind of hard... i STILL havent found a fucking donut gasket that fits and megan wont help me at all...:TD: :TD: to megan racing for shitty customer service

next exhaust will either be custom or name brand, apex, hks, etc
your not allowed to buy sell or trade here until you meet the post requirements.. so you might want to edit that before you get banned
65 posts.. there is a sticky about it somewhere
dude your not allowed to buy/sell/trade here until you have 65 posts.... you have 7.... not trying to be a dick but when you can see the classifieds, you can look
the rule is a rule for a reason.. not to be skirted by having me check for you lol
i dont think there are any that i know of offhand.. and having 65 posts in one night.. is basically whoring to get into the for sale area.. which is frowned upon and also can cause you to be banned
id go with somethign custom or namebrand imo... i cheaped out on the megan i bought.. and i should have waited and dropped another 100 ish and bought something NICE
not happening anytime soon lol and you dont meet the post requirement to buy here....;) ;)
1 - 7 of 33 Posts
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