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I didn't see a lot of reviews on these specifically for my car, I think I only found like 2 on this forum. Read they were pretty decent and work well. I was well aware that they might be harsh at times, but I was willing to make the compromise. Plus, I was getting fed up with my Eibach Sportline springs and how much they would wallow. So I bit the bullet and ordered a set from Amazon. I hope that this review will help others that are installing them, since I couldn't find much info on installing them (bad on Megan for that).

First off, here's my current suspension setup as my car sits now:
-Koni Yellows with Megan Coilover Sleeves (F/R 450lbs/350lbs. OR ~8kg/6kg)
-Energy Suspension master bushing kit
-DC2 Integra Type R rear sway bar with BWR bracing
-Integra fat-5 wheels with 195/50R15 tires
•For reference, I have my shocks set to: Front is 1.25 turns from full stiff, rear is 1.5 turns from full stiff
** 1 turn = 360º

I'm not sure how much I'm lowered because I never measured stock height, but it's just above flush in the front and just under 2 finger gap in the rear. (For that stinkbug stance)

Out of the box, everything seemed like good quality. The spring seats are aluminum and it comes with 2 spanners. My first mistake was not opening ALL the boxes first, because I missed all the gaskets and O-rings that were supposed to be installed. Also, all the boxes were labeled Front and Rear. DO NOT mix these up, because all the springs look THE SAME. Best to open them one at a time. I know Megan gets a lot of mixed reviews, but the fit and finish seemed pretty good to me.

Taking things off was easy, done this a few times. I can literally take a front shock out, take it a apart, put it back together, and reinstall in 20 minutes (yes I timed myself). I was already on lowering springs, so I didn't need a spring compressor since it's not under much pressure. But if you're not on springs like this, please use a spring compressor and don't die. After getting stuff apart, I was dumb and didn't use the O-rings on the shock body to keep the spring seat from smacking it. :doh: Do you need them? Prolly not when the car's on the ground. But I found that when pulling into the street at an angle with a dip, a tire will come off the ground a bit, meaning the spring's not under weight anymore. Best to install them for good measure. I used the medium thickness ones, and also installed the rubber gasket that the spring sits on in the perch.

On my shocks, I had these metal dust sleeves (came with the springs when I bought them), and they DO NOT fit inside the spring perch. Soooooooo guess who had to take their suspension apart for a second time? :? My bumpstops were already cut in half, so didn't have to do that. Oh, they come with these red inserts that are supposed to fit into the OEM top hat rubber, but I didn't end up using them, per a CB7 thread I found on the installation. Apparently they're supposed to help center the spring, but that red plastic is just something to break and I don't trust it. It's been about a month, and I haven't had any issues.

I was unsure what height to set them at, so I figured I'd set them about halfway on the sleeve's threads. Doing this before installation helps speed up the process of setting ride heights after installation. When you finish installing, you'll probably notice the corners aren't even heights, even though the spring seats might be set the same. This has to do with corner weights being different, but that's for a different thread.

Are they bouncy or harsh? Sometimes, yeah. Some of the roads I drive to work are old and beat up from semi trucks, so it gets annoying. Weirdly, they seem to ride better when you go faster... that doesn't mean you should be speeding everywhere though. :wink: The springs are a linear rate, so it's always 450/350 no matter what. My lowering springs were progressive, so the spring rates would increase as it's compressed. This was something to get used to, and the polyurethane bushing kit adds to the harshness. HOWEVER, they control bumps very well. They're very predictable in corners and control the weight of the car way better. I already mentioned my shock settings above, and this was after a week of playing with the shocks to get a ride I'm satisfied with. I found that the rears play a big role in comfort with dips especially, but you do risk adding understeer when softening the rear.

That said, these have certainly made my car VERY responsive and agile... to the point where I mentally can't push my car to the limit. :shock: These are definitely track-worthy, and I shall be doing a track day soon to test that out. I'll try to do updates as I keep driving on these.
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