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I was reading Lukes Post about his rebuild.
And a few others. And thought I should share this insight with you on measuring tools.

Like many of you the first bore gauge and dial gauge and Vernier gauge I purchased was a cheap China Clone.

Then I purchased something middle of the road.
And then I purchased Mitutoyo.

What I learned from playing with these for a few years.

I wish somebody would have told me what a waste of time it is to buy anything other than Mitutoyo. Im sure there are a few more really good gauges out there. But Im a blind beliver in Mitutoyo

I know it costs an arm and a leg to buy these. But I would prefer a used Mitutoyo over a brand new Flower or something else.

If your on a budget keep a look out for clean looking used Mitutoyo gauges. And pick them up. Then have them calibrated. Calibration is not the costlly.

For measuring this is what I would recommend for a start-up kit.

Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 0-12" Resolution 0.000mm and 0,00000"
Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer 3-4" Resolution 0.000mm and 0,00000"
Mitutoyo Bore Gauge 1-6"
Get a stand for your micrometer. China junk will do here.

Another cheap trick is to pick up a Mitutoyo Dial Gauge. 0-0.5" will do.
Then throw away the dial gauge you got with your bore gauge and use the digital one.
You could build a complete Mitutoyo measuring kit used for under 200$ if you shop around.

Make it a point to only buy quality tools and measuring equipment.
Sometimes even a 10 year old used item from a good brand will give you better results than a brand new middle of the road tool.

this is the best advise I can give a budding engine builder.

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Hum . . . Under $200? I've been pretty smart with my measuring tool purchases, but I'm in about $800 so far and haven't gotten a bore gauge set. I have all Mitutoyo, most used, and I will agree that the stuff is the best, as far as digital goes, and I refuse to buy non-digital. (Starrett's non-digital stuff is the best I've used, period, as far as fit and finish goes, but I hate doing math conversions as I WILL screw something up.)

I've got:
-0-6" caliper
-0-1", 1-2", 2-3", and 3-4" micrometers
-0-1" digital indicator (need some feet/balls/ends for it, though)
-0-12" Starrett depth gauge (non-digital but acquired for free as it was gonna get thrown out!)
-PEC T-gauge (snap gauge) set

I'd like:
-Mitutoyo digital bore gauge, 0-6"
-Mic stand
-a lathe
-A Bridgeport knee mill (LOL!)

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(Starrett's non-digital stuff is the best I've used, period, as far as fit and finish goes, but I hate doing math conversions as I WILL screw something up.)
Agreed, and nothing against Mitutoyo, but I just bought a Starett 0-1" #230 .001" reading micrometer used off Ebay for $30. I'll put up with conversions and non digital read out for the $100 savings ;)

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agreed mitutoyo are the shit. They were way out of my price range for this build. I was very happy with the Fowlers' for the cost. Definitely better than harbor freight stuff, but i'm sure no where near mitutoyo. Still. For about 75% of things they will be used for on our engines i think they suffice.
Glad my build inspired you!

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