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This was my first time out with my Nitto 555R's and I must say that they are fucking wicked. My first 60' was a 2.24. All the ones after that were between 2.09 and 2.14.


My best (and last) run was a 15.14. I had 4 runs between 15.20 and 15.28. My first run was a 15.37. All of my traps were 87-something mph. This vid is of a 15.2 run with that 2.09 60' and against a Grand Prix GTP.

I beat an older 911, that GTP, 04-05 STi, older 4.6 Mustang, and a few others (forget what: A LOT of V8's were out there) all through the 1/8 and most to the 1000ft mark but lost to all in the 1/4. My 1/8's were all around 9.68 @ 70mph except that first pass.

Overall, money very well spent.
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