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Hey, first, thanks to anyone who’s posted on just about anything. Whenever I visit this site, I consistently leave with more viable insight than I arrived with. It’s a great information source, keeps me from screwing up the works, helps me deal with what’s already gone awry.

This’ll wind up being a stupid question, probably:

I’ve read a lot of info in re camshafts and what’s the best profile for a serious boost. The most prevalent commentary is about increasing the top end, usually to about 7K or so.

Coupla years ago, my brother bought a Sentra Spec-V R. Given: the thing has a giant engine for a four-cylinder, 2.5 liters. But what’s striking to me about it is that it’s cammed for the low-end. The power hits you as soon as you nudge the gas, and—true to form, for a low-end cam—it doesn’t want to rev past about 5K or so.

Not exactly a great setup for the track, but for the metro, it’s evil to be able to jump off the line and whiz through traffic. And since my Civic’s always been a daily driver, and hell, I don’t generally push it past about 5K, my question follows: Does anyone make a strong low-end cam for a D? Possibly more lift, maybe less duration, very little overlap? Sort of a metro cam?

Probably the notion’s dumb. I’m guessing that since I’ve never seen reference to such a thing as a low-end cam, probably the cams I’ve read about—the Webcams, Crowers, Exospeeds—take care of the low-end as well as the top-end, by creating a broader power range in general. But if there is such a thing as what I’m writing about, I’d like to hear about it.

Anyone have any ideas here, or comments about street cams in general?
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