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I had bought a custom intake manifold a few years back, and I was redoing my setup and finally got around checking the inside diameter of the plenum and my current throttle body, and that I have been running the wrong size throttle body. I measured the plenum to be a minimal of a 72 mm inside, while I have been running a 62 mm throttle body. I have searched on some forums for this answer and could not find an exact one, so I turn to you all for your expertise. Some say to match the size of the plenum, some say to go 2 mm smaller to make a cone effect. What size throttle body should I be running on this intake manifold? Any info will be appreciated at this point. Not sure if it will make any more power, but maybe help out with efficiency/less restriction.

D16Y8 Block
D16Z6 - JGE Pro Series Head
- JGE custom intake manifold
- JGE custom grind cam - 85VT80
- T3/T4 .50AR
15~17 psi.
302 whp
1 - 3 of 3 Posts