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Marco's 96 hatch build

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Ok so i sold my coupe and bought a new car. Reason being is that i wanted a better template to work off of and well pics speak for

Interior pics to come soon.
Plans for her. It currently has an ls swap runs good but that motor will be comming out and i will be starting a build for a z6 for her with a wire tuck im not sure how crazy im going to go with it as far as shaving the engine bay but its definately on my mind. Needs a cargo cover, the search will begin for oem window visors as well and we will see where things go
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Oh I hate you for those seats!

Car looks good.... cant wait to see what you do with it..
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intake mani and header bolted on along with a pic of my car patiently waiting for her new heart.

I always thought the factory lights looked cross-eyed.. this confirms it. lol!

Nice build btw
1 - 2 of 142 Posts
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