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I'm going to be doing Uberdata tuning myself since there is no shop within a days drive here in MT that knows how to tune Uberdate.
So in my research, I've found how to tune and what I need.
One thing I was told on the Uberdata forums is that I need to make my MAP sensor see boost. Right now it's on the throttle body and obviously won't see boost there. So I was recommended to tap into a vacuum line from the intake manifold.

Now some pictures....

This is my MAP sensor

This is the little fitting that goes into the throttle body.

This is a vacuum line currently used by the FPR. You can see the other vacuum line from the manifold that feeds the FMU and my boost guage.

So can I put a T into this vacuum line and feed the map sensor too as shown below? The fitting is perfect, fits just as tight as the fitting for the FPR and FMU. Then would I just block off the old place for the MAP sensor?
Also, will Uberdata take care of the CEL since the MAP will be seeing boost now?

This setup was just mocked up for pictures, it's running stock right now.

Also wondering about injectors. I picked up some blue top DSM 450's along with a resistor box. Would it just be easier to solder the resistors instead of splicing into the resistor box? Also, will the Honda bushings/o rings that hold the injector into the manifold fit the DSM injectors? Or do I need the DSM rings and bore them out?

Just trying to get some info in preparation to ordering everything else I need (chipped p28, wideband, etc).
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