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Hi all
I Need help with making my Exhaust system ...
I have a Civic '97 EK3 D15Z6 114hp....
right now its on straight pipe where the pipe goes different sizes all the way to the back ... where it ends with an FK Automotive CatBack...
So my idea is to make it more quiet but not like electric car ....
i'm thinking about making it like that : where the downpipe ends the inside diameter is 40mm than i will start with pipe 50mm inside than somewhere in the middle of the car i will install a Silincer/muffler....:eek:nline2long: than straight to the back still with that diameter pipe 50mm inside it will end with i'm looking for a VTi Muffler or the stock for my engine !?
What do you think ?

Thank you in advance ! :]]
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