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Ls ecu in 97 dx ?

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I have been told that I can put a Ls ecu in my car. Does anyone have this setup. How do you like it. I can get a ecu for free so im going to put it in. Just wanted to know if you can notice a differance.
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nitrous guy ... do some work to your motor ... like porting the head ... headers, full exhaust .. cam , maybe some other things THEN get the ECU .. if all you have is a stock dx with n20 ... then it will be a waste .. youd be better off getting a EX ecu ... p2p ecu .. just wondering .. but why did you hook up nitrous to a stock dx motor .. ???
you race some morons ... damn .. but thats sweet ... i guess so ... now that you have that n20 ... you should start doing other shit ... you can only be faster ..
17 flat dropping to 15.6 isnt bad just from one mod ... must be expensive having to refill the bottle all the time ...
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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