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i wasnt planning on just sending 800 bucks, haha. im lookin for dyno results or some kind of info.....cause if i cant find anything, ill just stick to my SMSP plan cause theyre close and make good stuff.

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on the opposite end of the $ spectrum, I had this shipped for $98 USD back in 2005, however I bought it direct from their company website...

but their website is not operational anymore... from this message board the comments are:

"If you look closely you can see the word Megan on the Tip."

"ok check this out i wrote them a email about their products this is what i said

I was wondering if you have the dyno grid sheet for
the header and downpipe on Sentra Se-R 02+ And I was
wondering if you guys made them based off of other
brands such as Hotshot and megan.........etc. Thanks

THis is what they said:

sorry, we don't have dyno chart. and our product is base on Megan.

So anyone know if Megan headers are any good? i know the DP is good. Never seen anyone with Megan Headers"


so I guess I paid about $120 CAD for Megan headers for my Y8! woo hoo!!! I think I was quoted $200+ for Megan headers locally back then!

you pay for what you get i know, but akmee dyno'd their first run on the street cams (Type S, if I have not mistaken) using the ebay t-pros header :D
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