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I have a few things for sale, please send me a PM with an offer if interested:

D15B7 full head, great condition

D16Y8 full head (also have OEM Honda head gasket, timing belt, valve guides)

***D16Z6 block, needs new pistons and rods

D16A6 OEM Honda thermostat, rear hard coolant tube, all seals to rebuild the block

D15/16 STR block guard

HF manifold with HF/T25 adapter

Brand new stage 2 14b turbo cartridge 10* clipped exhaust wheel (does not include the turbine houseing)

Used T25 compressor houseing with actuator

92-95 Civic black seats

92-95 Civic coupe black carpet

92-95 Civic EX/SI front lower control arms with factory sway bar holes

92-95 Civic 2dr/3dr window actuators

92-95 2dr/3dr clear headlight covers

HID system... H4 adapters, 3 D2R bulbs (correct bulbs), 3 Nissan Maxima ballasts, 2 Nissan Maxima ignitors (one needs replaced), and plug/play harness

92-95 AEM alternator pulley with belt

92-95 Unorthodox racing crank pulley (alternator only)

... and possibly more parts, need to keep looking, will keep you all posted!!!

***92-95 Blue H brace, never used
***I believe a brand new red Integra front sway bar
***Brand new KYB GR2 struts, $150

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The HID's are all retro fitted from a 2002 Nissan Maxima, so should be 4300K, looked amazing when they were in my 94 coupe. I would say $50 + shipping for the block, it does have some slight aluminum missing from around the 2 and 3 cylinders.

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how much for the 92-95 lower control arms with holes for sway bar??
shipped to 78574.

Do you have also de sway bar??

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Not sure about miles... my brother is a Honda tech and he said it just needs cleaned, otherwise in great shape. I'll sell it with the OEM gasket, valve guides, and timing belt for $150 + shipping
ill pass...thanks
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