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Cleaning out my garage so i figured i would sell somestuff pics will be up in a couple hours when i get my camera back woot woot but for now let me list everything for ya guys

Z6 Intake Manifold
A6 Intake Manifold
5 D Series Throtle Bodies
2 A6 Fuel Rails
1 Z6 Fuel Rail
2 D series Oil Pans
2 Resistor Box******1 LEFT******
1 Brand New OBD2 Dizzy
1 Ignighter
5 OEM Honda Oil Caps
1 PM6 Si Ecu ******SOLD*****
2 Z6 V-tec Valve Covers ******1 LEFT******
5 A6 Valve Covers
1 A6 Complete Head 100k
1 Front Engine Mount 92-95 OEM
2 Side Engine Mounts OEM 92-95
1 Tranny Mount 92-95 OEM
4 OBD1 injectors for Z6
1 OBD0 ECU Kick Plate Cover
1 JDM D15 Block All It Needs Is A Head Ans Main Bearings

shoot me some offers on this stuff guys i will have pictures up hopefully tonight if not tomorrow morning


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are those oil pans for a Z6?
also interested in vtec valve cover when you get the pics up.
one z6 i believe and the other is a6

what are you lookin to get out of the z6 intake and the tranny + rear engine mounts?
75 for the intake manifold and tranny mount dont have rear mount just sides
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