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Hi plz help
I've got a d16y6 with a p08 ecu, stock d16y8 distributor, d16 manifolds and throttlebody, decat and no egr

My issues:
Sometimes i'll get brutal hesitation at anything above 10~15% throttle from initial start up.. once its warm but still before operating temperature when i hit vtec @~4800rpm it feels good and revs throughout to 7200rpm and works how it should first second and third.. Then the next time I do & every other time, it lacks power and falls over almost feeling lean like its really struggling. The cams do change over (audibly) however the power is lacking.
CEL 1 is pending after almost every drive, however doing the test procedure whilst driving it will trip CEL 1 actively and power will pick back up a little bit(open loop? fueling/spark issue?).
Idle is low and lumpy, hunting a little bit every so often - recently have had it hold idle at 1.5- 2k rpm and is slightly missing.

Things ive done/checked;
Battery replaced
Ignition relay replaced
Spark plugs replaced
Fuel filter replaced
O2 sensor 1 wire (replaced twice)
replaced shield wire for o2
ECT sensor
tried another distributor no luck ~ set at 16°
Rotor, cap replaced need to do leads
Vtec solenoid gasket replaced
tried another IACV MAP and TPS sensors, 0.51V-4.43V with no spikes
Valve lash set
Mech timing checked- good, belt a touch on loose side
Fuel pressure ~ 36 psi, 42 with vac ref disconnected
Compression was high @ ~210 with no more than 5psi variation?
IACV reset proced
IAT, ECT, TPS, MAP, O2 checked voltages/resistances and tested continuity to ecu
checked all grounds, re-crimped g101 thermostat ground
checked ground shield continuity to chassis & B2 logic ground
good 14.2V charge rate, 5.01V at TPS & MAP sensors hot & cold

really stumped, next I guess is spark leads and try a known good ecu- perhaps try a p28?
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