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--Wrote this on another Honda forum, thought it'd be helpful if I posted it here.
Here's a trick I've used to see if parts are interchangeable, it may not be 100% accurate because you never know until you try and modify a part yourself.

The first set of instructions are for OEM parts that are interchangeable between USDM Honda vehicles. The second set of instructions below are for aftermarket brand name parts that are interchangeable among Honda vehicles and other makes & models, if listed.

Here's the situation for example:
I'm low on cash, I can't afford to get that replacement radiator from the auto parts store, can I just pick and pull a part from another vehicle and use it in mine?

Here's how to see which OEM parts are used in other vehicles.

  1. The best site I found this first method for is Honda Parts at Honda Parts Now | Genuine OEM Honda Auto Parts
  2. Choose the model, year, trim, and transmission of the vehicle you're trying to source parts for. ex: Civic > 1999 > 4DR DX > KA5MT
  3. Navigate to the part you're in search for. ex: radiator and find the part # for it, here in this picture it's #1 "19010-P03-505"
  4. Copy the part # and use the search box at the top of the webpage
  5. Now the website will list other vehicles down to the year, trim and transmission that have that same part #.
  6. Go out, spend wisely and make sure the part you need is in good condition.

Here's how to see which aftermarket brand name parts are used in other vehicles, sometimes different makes too.

Here's the situation for example:
I need a new a/c idler pulley, what other vehicles have one that can fit mine?

  1. I use for this method, and it only works with the updated part catalog style.
  2. Navigate to the vehicle. ex; Honda > 1999 > Civic > 1.6L L4 SOHC .
  3. I need to purchase a new A/C Idler Pulley. Belt Drive > Idler Pulley
  4. Click on the part # link (if available) and a pop-up will display other vehicles that have the similar part. Click on different brands/parts links, because different manufactures may list different vehicles interchangeability

  5. Grab that part and repair the problem!

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Good info. reminds me or my retail auto parts days. Where I would comb catalogs looking specs and what I could use to upgrade whatever I want.
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