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Hello D-Series community. I am an owner of a VQ powered G35, and am currently looking to distance myself from the world of Nissan's terrible unreliability.
I am currently looking at a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback, and want to know if the car is worth considering. The current owner of the car told me that the car has a D15B8 engine, paired with an ECU out of a D17 engine. He did not specify the model name of the ECU. He claims that the ECU causes the fuel pump to take some time to prime. The car is an original manual transmission; I don't know if this makes any difference whether a D17's ECU should be in the car, but I thought I would include it.
I am very interested in this car, as it looks like it has been very well maintained, but I don't know how much it might cost to buy an original ECU for a D15B8, or what may have been modified on this car in order to make an original D15B8 car work with a D17's ECU. I am a complete noob in the world of Honda's and really could use a helping hand to try and figure out how difficult it may be to convert this car back to it's original ECU.
From what I understand, I should be looking at running a 'B7' ECU, which should cost me roughly $160. I have also heard people say that it is best to pair a 'B8' ECU with a D15B8, but I don't really know what the difference is. In summary, I just want to know what ECU I would need to buy, and what I might expect to be done to this car.
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