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long time...but still around...

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havent posted on here in idk how long...but still hangin around.....sold the old del a new one....and just sold it to a good a new lil toy though too now. heres some of the last pics of her....ull still be seein more of it though...

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nice sol... love the rims.:TU:
I <3 you justin good to see you around still.
i dont have any recent pics of the del sol with the new exhaust, lip, and what not yet. ill take some tomorrow at work though for yall. think i got a couple old ones around.....and a bunch of the old sol....which was pretty much the same lol

ill have a lil bit of everything here in a bit.....this shall be my return to pic whoring thred

only other one of the newer del sol...will get more soon

heres a couple of my old del sol....

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That was one sweet ass Sol.... anxious to see the final stages of the new one...
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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