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1992 Honda civic hatchback si
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So I recently bought a 1992 eg hatch si that has a d16z6 that was bored .50mm over, CP pistons, eagle rods, BC springs and retainers, edelbrock x intake, skunk 2 70mm throttle body and garret .57 trim turbo. As for fuel and electronics it has a hondata s300, fic 1000cc injectors in a aem fuel rail with aem frp and gauge, walbro 255, and aem wideband.

I’ve had it about a week now and noticed a slight knock sound coming from the crank pully/ timing cover side of the engine. I plan on doing an oil change and dropping the oil pan tomorrow to check for any flakes. I also plan to pull the lower timing cover to make sure the crank pully isn’t loose. I wanted to post here to get some opinions on the knock I’m hearing. It is only heard below 1k rpms anything above that and it goes away. Will include a video below.

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