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Knock from the engine

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Let me explain as detailed as possible, I'm new to Honda and to cars in general, last Saturday it happened to me that I was driving normally but sometimes when I was stopped and hit the gas pedal I heard something knocking from the engine when the car changes from second gear at third then the noise crease until fourth gear, but after a while it got worse when I stopped the car completely the rpms went down a lot causing the car to stall after that when I started the vehicle the knocking was heard more and then when the car stopped completely I was presented with the oil pressure light and then at the while it went off

my engine is d16y8
Automatic transmission
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rod knock.

drain the oil and look at all the pretty sparklies

get ready to source another y8 long block
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The oil light will appear if the engine stalls with the key still on.

Make sure you have fuel, check oil system for debris, and for the record, dont trust driving the car anymore.
Have you checked the oil...

My wife drove 20ish miles in a 92 civic we had once, she called me and asked "what the red oil can light was" while she was driving on the highway.

I said "is the engine making noise?" She said "not really...", told her to keep driving as far as she could. She made it home, not a drop of oil in the pan.
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mine threw the oil light idling in a parking lot after work. went home, changed the sensor and oil pump and less than a month later, it sounded like gravel in the engine. what started as a slight knock leaving work, was a jackhammer pulling in the driveway
sorry for the replys, I forgot to mention that when I'm running the light doesn't come on only when I stop the car completely the light comes on the rpms drop and causes the car to turn off
so its not longer knocking? are you a bot?
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stops as in at a stoplight?

You have engine problems. FIgure them out, do not trust the car until they are resolved. idle oil pressure light is a sign the engine is junking itself
I’ll try get that fixed by the weekend, When I start the car, I heard the knocking but the light doesn’t come on for a while and causes the car to turn off, I don't know what caused the rod knock, I checked the dipstick and it has oil, maybe changing the rod bearings and the oil pump magically fix the problem, I’ll post the results in the weekend
Rod bearings and oil pump seems to be a bit more than magic, sounds more like elbow grease to me.
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