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I've been searching for any information out there on someone using K rods in a d-series, but i haven't really been able to find a trace of anything.

I guess most people generally go for the aftermarket options that are available when building a vitara dseries, but I'm weird and I prefer the junkyard diving option.

I also understand that man people go for the LS rods, which I would've gone for if I still lived in Cali, but now I'm in the snow belt and the teggys are getting hard to find in the junkyards. Up here in Barrie Ontario 馃槙

I found a page that claims the wrist pin journals on the k series rods are 19.8mm
And that the D series is 19mm, as I'm sure, I probably don't need to tell you guys
Is this why nobody uses Kseries rods for their vitara builds? And is there no bushing that small to adapt them to each other?

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