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Hey guys! Long time no see and i haven't been on here since last year or so, but just thought I'd share this little cookie cutter dseries I'm putting together for a friend and one of those super simple yet effective builds. Ebay special!

Stock D16y8 head with vitara and eagle rods.
Emusa 50trim
CxRacing log manifold
Ebay intercooler kit
Emusa Wg
Rs type bov
Injector nation
Walbro 255
Aem wideband
Hondata S300

We will eventually do the head work with comp cam and valve springs a stage 4 clutch and hopefully hit 11s or 10s on stock trans. Man i miss these backyard turbo builds. Hope all is well with everybody and will update again soon.

Here's the first vlog for the build. Enjoy!


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