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Just bought greddy turbo kit.

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Hey guys i have a 95 civic coupe dx. I just bought the greddy turbo kit for 92-95 models. No intercooler yet. Are there any tricks or tips yall can give me for install or tunning? Any info yall have learned about this setup would be great. Thanks.
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Buy a intercooler for it get some bigger injectors dsm 450cc are inexpensive and Chip your ecu and tune it with chrome. Username Vtecduck has the greddy setup in his car check this out.
yep, def go with inj and some sort of ecu tuning. The blue box is ok, but you'll be much happier with a tuned ecu and inj. As far as the install, it's pretty straight forward. The one thing I did do was, I got another oil pan and gave it to some one to weld the return line instead of bolting it on and gave him my ic piping to weld up the bov flange for me too. The Greddy instructions recommend to do this also with the oil pan. I waited to get the pan and ic piping back before I started on it because I don't have a welder. That way it would all be done and I wouldn't have to worry about it.
Make sure you run an oil restrictor on the turbo. I have the same kit as well, and I blew a seal not running a restrictor. Stealthmode performance has them. Have fun, its a great startup kit with good potential.
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