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Had a dead speed sensor
Ordered a new AftMk MT sensor from HK

Sensor turned up
Swapped them over
Still some erratic issues
Put it down to TB
Changed TB
Sensor indicator improved but still erratic
Removed new sensor to find anchor arm had actually broken off and sensor Floating.
Measured new sensor against old sensor and found a 2mm discrepancy in plastic anchor arm depth.

The sensor was on an angle and unexpected pressure snapped the arm off

Temporarily glued sensor back together and used a washer spacer

So heads up.


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I had an aftermarket one as well. Came on one of the part cars I bought.
The owner before me also purchased an AEM fuel rail and BIG ASS, red alloy pulleys for the the alternator and power steering pump. Along with a header, those were his upgrades. So go figure.

The sensor literally crumbled. Fell apart all around the plug. I was actually using it until I jumped the service connector one day and got a speed sensor code. Threw in a 25 year old sensor and all was good.

So yeah, lots of them are craptastic.

EDIT - I need to add that the BIG ASS pulley he bought for the alternator crumbled as well. No joke. Started eating belts because the alloy was literally disintegrating. Upgrades.
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