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just a little update

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been awhile so heres a update. got my wheels on finally. and for know im going with the diy lip since last winter destroyed my ctr lip. other than that just re-did my tint 50% on the windshield, 15% on sides and back. also changed my intake n valve cover

thanks for looking
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those headlights came out nice, was it allot of work doing the retrofit? car looks gr8 btw
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thanks it wasnt too hard once the headlight is apart its just cutting out the hole for the projector n aligning it. just time consuming if anything
E-bay looks awesome! i love red coupes
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those projectors look like some high tech laser gun shit thats bout to blow some shit the fuck up. and i like it. haah.

what wheels are those? they look like a n mugen M7 style wheel... i like em.
Rotas J-Mag :D
<---- is a dumb noob, fml lol. i like em haha, i just wish i could afford another pair of wheels.

OP, i like what youve done with the car, nice 'n' low, and clean lol.
looks dope. good to see another jersey memeber. we should get a jersey meet going
thanks the retrofit consists of fx35 bixenon projectors with color modded shield and clear lenses. a new harness for the plug-n-play ballast i already had and philips 85122+ bulbs. heres a few pics of when i did it a couple years ago

heres the guts before assembly

hacked up stove top covers

chrome dress up ring from a truck stop to hide the sloppy cuts


cutoff shot
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looking good, to each his own, but i say take the wing off!
looking good, to each his own, but i say take the wing off!
yes ive thought about loosing the wing. but its not worth the work. sanding then welding the holes the more sanding n filling and paint. sooo the wing stays unless i get real ambitious

turboprelude95 said:
Really nice, I hate how my hid's scatter light all over....
thanks i know what u mean. once i finished the civic, i also did retro's on my pontiac and the wifes accord.
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