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Just a couple of pix from my upcoming build up...

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These are a couple of pix from my build that is in progress I'm still missing lots of parts... more pix will be up soon ;-) Oh and there is a short vid of what's going on on my garage...

Tuner toy Rods VS. STOCK D16Z6

D16z6 Block Preping it for some high boost

Intercooler & Piping

My new turbo tdo6 20g

My hatch (red_hatchback)

Vid (Just a couple of projects)
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Hey How Much Would U Seell Your Turbo Setup??...i Really Like The Setup..
Yes, its a very good quality item. I would definetaly recomended to anyone.
Hah! You really don't hear that too often anymore...

Nice setup bro! Good luck! Keep us updated!
I have to say man, Very nice!!! good luck on everything bro!
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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